Sleep Healthy this September

Discover the health benefits of a good night's sleep this September

Majority of Britons (70%) now sleep for seven hours or less per night with more than a quarter (27%) experiencing poor quality sleep on a regular basis. And the number of Britons getting just five-to-six hours per night has risen dramatically in the past three years: more than a third of us get by on that amount of sleep compared to 27% in 2010. 

We need at least six hours of sleep a night to recharge your batteries and learn new things the next day scientists have claimed. Light, dreamless sleep which can take up half the night allows our brain to recharge our learning capacity.

By getting a restfull nights sleep you'll:

  • Look Better
  • Feel Better
  • Behave Better
  • Perform Better
  • Think Better

Your mind, body and soul will lover you for it!

Reasons why sleep is good for you

Getting a good nights sleep

A good night’s sleep is just as important as diet and exercise when trying to lose weight.  People who shifted their sleeping pattern from less than six hours to between seven and eight hours a night put on 2.4kg less weight over a six year period.

A bed may have deteriorated by as much as 70% from its ‘as new’ state after 10 years. It also showed that beds as little as six years old could offer significantly less support and comfort than a new one, thanks to wear and tear not just from body weight and movement but also sweat and debris such as skin, scales, hair etc. 


10 Tips for Better Sleep

    1. Invest in a comfortable supportive bed
    2. Keep regular hours
    3. Take more exercise
    4. Keep the bedroom quiet and dark
    5. Make sure your bedroom isn't too hot or too cold
    6. Reduce caffeine intake
    7. Write down worries on a to-do list
    8. Don't over-indulge on food and alcohol
    9. Relax properly before going to bed